ALAAF and KICKIN’ Sunday Groove I

We had the most wonderful time at our first ALAAF and KICKIN’ Sunday Groove! With the great help of Mathis and Till from the Etepetete crew we built ourselves a small paradise at Friedenspark right in our neighborhood in Cologne. Our friends from Aroma Pitch played a wonderful three-hour set in the late afternoon, dropping some deep and smooth house-tunes while people where chillin’ in the sun. Later in the evening, with the sinking sun in the back and tasty Kölsch down the throats, more and more people found their way to the dance floor; Simon, Jannis, Hugo and Magnus jumped at the chance and drove people crazy deep into the warm summer night. Seems a little more exciting than spending your Sunday night watching “Tatort”, right? We want to thank the wonderful crowd for coming down and supporting us with donations and tons of love! The next Sunday Groove will go down on 27th of July. Hope to see y’all there! Peace!

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