ALAAF and KICKIN’ Sunday Groove II

Since our first Alaaf and Kickin’ Sunday Groove has been such a blast, we were really excited about this one, and looking back we can say that we once again had a super-lovely time. Even though the weather forecast was not very promising all week, Petrus came to his senses and blessed us with many hours of sun and seeing so many beautiful people hanging around and enjoying the music must have made him really happy.
In the evening after the theater-performance next door was over, we turned up the volume again and Tobias Thomas and Sven Howland quickly managed to fill up the dancefloor and made us dance deep into the night.
We once again want to thank everybody who came down and supported us with their donations and beautiful vibes. Special thanks go out to Till and Mathis from Etepete for the perfect organisation and of course to Sven and Tobias for playing a wonderful 4 ½ hour set. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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