Bad 25 – A Spike Lee Joint

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Obviously you find many posts, videos and music honoring the great Michael Jackson these days. I got particularly interested when I saw that non other then Spike Lee directed a documentary on MJ called “Bad 25”. As the title suggests, it’s a film about the making of the album “Bad” – the stories behind the songs, the videos, the tour. Most of the time “Bad 25” is what I would call a classic fan-movie. You got interviews with people like Questlove, Cee-Lo Green, Kanye West or producers and video-directors who have worked with the King Of Pop and they all remind us about how great MJ was. Which is perfectly all right, since he was one of the greatest after all. But doing a fan-movie is not the most sophisticated kind of filmmaking I guess.

“Bad 25” got some very interesting parts though. Especially when it comes to the shooting of music-videos, Spike Lee seems to be very interested in his colleagues work and the film unravels some exiting details about the creative stories behind the “short-films” (as MJ called them) of “Bad”, “Dirty Diana” or “Liberian Girl”. It becomes clear that MJ was a fanatic worker, supervising every detail of props, costume design and choreography. This obsession for details also came down the studio-sessions with Quincy Jones and other musicians, as his former sound-technicians tell us in the film.

You can see “Bad 25” for three more days in the Arte-Mediathek. If you’re a fan of MJ (and I mean, who isn’t?) it’s definitely worth checking out!

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