Gay Marvine’s On The EMS

Chuck Hampton aka Gay Marvine is a real master when it comes to the art of editing. Although the fifth volume of his Bathhouse Etiquette Series is about to be released this summer, he seems to be known by few and you can’t find much about him on the internet. The edit that I’m going to present really amazes me, because it breaks out of the classic form of editing, which is mostly used on disco records and normally does not really improve on the original.

The Original: Pink Floyd – On The Run

A gloomy Pink Floyd song from the infamous “Dark Side of the Moon” album, containing nothing more than a fast and evolving 8-note loop, crunchy helicopter sounds and some weird vocal recordings. Doesn’t really seem like club material right?

So what did Gay Marvine do to turn this thing into something that you can actually dance to? The answer is actually quite simple: He added drums!

Almost just by looping the beginning, slowing it down and adding some simple, but powerful drums Gay Marvine managed to present the track to a completely new audience, giving it a new meaning although the main part didn’t really change.

The track actually is a quite good example on what editing should really be about. To me there is nothing more profane than a heavy four-to-the-floor bass drum added to a disco track, so you can play it in a club – and put your name under it. The difference between that method and Gay Marvine’s “On The EMS” is that he put something that wasn’t really danceable in the beginning, or at least not at a normal tempo.

The result: a heavy and impulsive late-night clubbanger that in no way lost its dark and psychedelic flavor.

Text: Jannis

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