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Alaaf and Kickin’ Mixtape 043 by Marat: 4eva it ends with 4eva


Alaaf and Kickin’ Mixtape 043 is here! The man Marat Beltser gives an insight on how his life sounds at the moment and also spoke to us about music, arts and hummus!

What was your initial idea or roadmap for the mixtape?
I haven’t done a mix for some time and actually you approached me to do a mix more then a year ago, so I guess the road map was to be able to make a mix, that would sound some how as my life does, which is always my main road map in making a mix, sort of a self portrait.

Can you tell us a little more about certain tracks you selected?
Well, I think most of the tracks I’ve choosen are my soundtrack at the moment, I’m obsessed with 5 Gate Temple (John T Gast’s label) and anything Seekersinternatonal does. And UV (Young Druid) is the main theme for me, a summer, but a one that burns and leaves marks on your skin, that’s my summer, I wonder how’s yours..

You’ve done a great series of mixtapes in the past called „Uganda Mixes“ with about 40 episodes. What was the Idea behind it?
Uganda was a shop that opened for around a decade in Jerusalem (now it’s located in Tel Aviv) , it was a home for me and many of my friends. At the end of 2009 me and the owner (Itamar Weiner) wanted to bring Hype Williams for some shows over, but realized no one really knows them, so the Uganda mixtape was a way to feature stuff that was sold in the store (vinyls, cd’s and special editions) and some other stuff that was soundtracking our lives.. after I moved here I continued to do them while knowing what’s in store, at some point I lost it, at times I feel like making the 41 …

You’ve studied Photography in London, Fine Arts in Jerusalem and also went to the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne. What are you doing now?
I believe I’m done with studies, I actually still take photos and being romantic about the things I do, but I’m happy to be out of the otopic structures of art studies, at some point it didn’t feet real anymore. I guess I do the same things I’ve been doing beforehand, just in berlin, and focusing on hummus…

We heard you started a small Hummus-Business in Berlin. How is that going?
Actually today I will take part in a hummus face-off taking place in o tannenbaum, I hope to win! Besides we (Vanunu) had a small popup running here in march. It was great to be open and to create a home in a very short time, now working hard to re-open in order to have a permanent location, good news coming soon. Hummus 4 eva!

Thank you Marat!

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Alaaf and Kickin’ Mixtape 036 by Johannes Stankowski (Gío): Regular Sunglasses


01 _ Contact Field Orchestra – Box Canyon Waterfall
02 _ Schaufel und Spaten – Jay’s Rocco Tribute
03 _ RX – Strung Out
04 _ Better Person – Sentiment
05 _ Sasac – Future Disc
06 _ Gío – Amarsi Un Po’ (Gianni Brezzo Remix)
07 _ Khruangbin – Mr. White
08 _ Lazy Jones – Zitylightskit
09 _ MoonB – Punya
10 _ Betty Ford Boys – Let It Go
11 _ To Elvira from Ivy – Elviras Tema
12 _ BBNG – Time Moves Slow (w/ Sam Herring)
13 _ Farbror Resande Mac – Stockholmsnatt
14 _ Miami – Over green hills (Touchy Mob Remix)
15 _ Wun Two & Biggie Smalls – Juicy
16 _ Bill Evans Trio – My Foolish Heart

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Alaaf and Kickin’ Mixtape 035 by Jannis Hannover: Frammenti di Suono



1. Pyrolator – Have a Good Ride
2. Ryo Kawasaki – Havaiian Caravan
3. Lino Capra Vaccina – Frammenti di Suono
4. Wally Badarou – Mambo
5. Sandii and the Sunsetz – An Antenna
6. Mkwaju Ensemble – Tira Rin
7. Mustapha Tettey Addy – Dum-Tititi, Dum Titi, Kpasch-Kpasch
8. Maya – Synthezoid Heartbreak
9. The League Unlimited Orchestra – Hard Times
10. Enzo Carella – Contatto
11. Pino D’Angio – Mannaggia Rock and Roll
12. Harmonious Thelonious – Argwohnische Muziek

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